Basil Pork Recipe

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1 Pound Sliced Lean Pork Tenderloin
2 Cups Of Fresh Broad Basil Leaves
3 Table Spoons Of Quality Peanut Oil
2 Cloves Of Fresh Diced Garlic
1 Teaspoon Of Fine Cane Sugar
5 Teaspoons Of Teriyaki Sauce
3 Hot Green And Red Sliced Chiles
5 Fresh Shallots And Bunch Scallions
1 Pinch Of Freshly Ground Pepper
2 Teaspoons Of Fish Sauce
1/4 Cups Smooth Chicken Broth

Serving Size 6
365 Calories Per Serving
4 Grams Of Fat

Cooking Directions:
Begin by slicing the lean pork tenderloin into strips. Remove stems from broad basil leaves, then wash thoroughly. You will now want to slice the shallots, and scallions. Slice up the green portion of each scallion into fine 1 inch slices. Heat your wok to medium high. Heat the oil almost until it starts to smoke. Place in garlic, chilies, shallots, and scallions. Cook in the pork. Add the fish sauce, soy sauce or teriyaki sauce and boil. Stir in the basil leaves. Add to rice or noodles.

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