Pork Sirloin With Parmesan Sauce – Video Recipe

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Pork Sirloin With Parmesan Sauce Recipe. This is pork sirloin to die for. Made with a rich, creamy sauce it’s a meal in itself or can also be enjoyed with French fries, baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Try our Pork Sirloin With Parmesan Sauce recipe.You will need…..* 2 pieces of pork sirloin (or 1kg/2.2lb)
* 1 ¾ oz rosemary and thyme, mixed
* 4 Tbsp olive oil
* 8 ½ fl oz cream
* 4 Tbsp grated parmesan cheese
* salt to taste
* 1 large plate
* 1 medium frying pan
* 1 large knife
* 1 cooking tray
* 1 chopping board
* 1 tablespoon
* 2 forks

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